Let’s talk about sex!

But seriously, have you noticed that there is this weird paradox in our society, where violence in the media and our lives seems accepted, even celebrated, while at the same time sex and nakedness are demonised?

In today’s podcast I share some of my thoughts around this hot topic, as well as reading out some of your responses from twitter and even play you a song or two to smooth the ride!

Welcome back to Getting Naked With Nate!

Show Notes


Here’s my tweet about this topic, check out the great responses I didn’t get to read out! Thanks to everyone who got involved :).


Last but not least!

As always, I am excited to hear your thoughts on the ideas I’ve presented in this episode, so please comment below, and also give me any suggestions for things to discuss in future episodes. I may read out your responses in future episodes ?.

Wishing you a sexy day, dear listener ?.

Your troubadour

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