I am undone, come apart at the seams…

Undone – Nate Maingard

This turned out to be a very juicy episode, like delicious, green, make-you-feel-better kinda juice. So if you’re wanting some tasty goodness in your life, then get right into it ?!

The first line of this blog feels so true for me at the moment and so this episode is inspired by my unreleased song Undone. I felt super sick before I started, but creating this episode has left me feeling better in my head and my body.

Things I chat about (and links to them)

  • This may not surprise you, but I talk about getting naked, both physically and emotionally ?
  • How I wrote the stream-of-consciousness song ‘Undone’
  • Download Undone and support the podcast here
  • I am worshipping in the temple of your heart
  • I mention the inimitable Alan Watts (a video of his below)
  • Say hi to me on twitter

Undone, the song explored in today’s episode

Alan Watts talking the good vibes


I am undone
Come apart at the seams
It's so easy
Become a part like me

I'm here naked
That's the truth and so are you
It's ok to
Remember that it's ok to
Really feel it...Feel every little bit

You have saved now
All your love for something true
Give it all now
To courageous ones like you

I take my shoes off
When I'm entering your home
To be barefoot
In the kingdom where you roam

Your heart's a temple
I am worshipping in it
My heart so simple
It loves to sit and be sunlit


I see you coming
Leave behind your heavy load
Life's a race, but only when you're running
Pack your bag, we're gonna hit the road

Seems I'm crazy
But I don't mind so much
When I'm labelled lazy
By those filling up
Their time with busy
Busy this and busy that
It seems that crazy
Comes in many flavoured hats

I seem weird to
Those who fill their minds with stuff
Cos I like empty
Emptiness seems just enough
To me
Emptiness is just enough

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Hugs and love from the ice-cold farm in South Africa

Featured photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

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