This is my first public podcast, wahey (the first EVER one is right here)!

I’m so excited to share this with you, featuring a laughter-filled, depth-exploring and musical conversation between myself and one of my best friends, a man called Roaman.

We cover religion, art, activism, war and more…and even listen to a few of Roaman’s stunningly catchy, meaningful and bouncy songs.

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 Links to things we discussed in the podcast:

I’m so frickin’ excited to hear what you think about this, so please do be in touch!

Comment below, send me messages, fly me a carrier pigeon, whatever works for you, just get in touch!!!!

To all my current patrons: you are the honey in my tea, the dates in my smoothie, the fuel in my tank and I love you all, like, LANK (south african slang for LOTS). THANK YOUUUUU!!!


More coming soon…..

Your troubadour

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