When science and spirituality agree, I believe we’re getting somewhere. This episode is about how this whole universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different frequencies…and so, in some ways, everything is singing and we truly are all one.

In this episode:

  • the dogma of the ‘new-age movement’
  • what I believe the ‘base experience of reality is’
  • why there’s nowhere to go but here
  • how the internet is feeding the illusion that life is ‘black & white’
  • how I write songs even though I don’t know music theory

Links & Things

The nut-freezingly cold music video

Lyrics to It’s All Music

All things resonate
From the really small 
To the extra great
You are such a melody
That the heavens lean down 
Just to sing this to me 

It’s all music, music
Music, music 

Feel this all vibrate
From the roots of a tree
To the tip of the tongue of a 
Snake, yes we all create
Together in love 
What a song we can make 

It’s all music, music
Music, music 

I know your name
Your notes are all interlaced
I feel you contained
Nothing out of place 

It’s all music, music
Music, music 

Rest now little one
You’re already here,
There’s no more to be done
In the morning
We greet the sun

We celebrate what a song we have sung

It’s all music, music
Music, music 

Now it’s your turn:

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