My friend Ainslie and I were chatting about life, the universe and everything recently and I was like, “Shit, girl, you got some mindfulness wisdom for creatives, wanna come on my podcast and share with the people!?” And so, here we are!

Topics explored:
–>Why it’s particularly important for creatives to know their minds and be able to manage them
–> Negativity bias – what it is, recognizing it, what to do about it
–> Why “being positive” and things like affirmations often don’t work to turn your shitty thoughts or negative mindset around – and what to do instead
–> And a whole lot more…

Who is Ainslie Greig?
Ainslie is a writer and mentor for creative entrepreneurs, artists, and makers intent on living life with powerful impact, freedom, fun, and meaning. She wants us all to live in a world where we do what we love because we honestly couldn’t imagine being fully satisfied doing it any other way. A total meditation nerd, she loves using her years of practice and study to help creatives manage their minds so life is more barrel of monkeys than a bucket of tears. You can find her on Instagram @ainsgreig sharing daily blogs, bad jokes, and weird selfies.

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