When the colours fade: a song about depression. This live recorded episode of the Getting Naked With Nate #podcast will dive deeply into the story of my newest song, released only yesterday! We’ll be watching the video for the song, talking about depression, discussing how this world seems to punish us for being sad and sharing our experiences of tools, philosophies and philosophies and practices for managing our moods.

Let’s do this, click ‘get reminder’ now so you don’t miss it!

We’ll have a live Q&A, as well as sharing your comments and ideas on the live screen!

This is that rare opportunity, an invitation to speak openly about the things which are so often hidden. You’ll also get to hear first hand from a songwriter what the process has been like, and how it all came about.

I look forward to seeing you there, and be sure to click ‘Get Reminder’ so you don’t miss it.

And finally, “out of the darkness there must come out the light.” – Bob Marley

See you in a few hours!

Your troubadour
Nate Maingard

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