Layla El Khadri is a multi-talented powerhouse who, at 21, left her career as a rising actress, model and filmmaker in Spain when anxiety, depression, burnout and a terrifying desire to ‘check out’ helped her to realise that she needed to focus on her own healing before anything else.

Fast forward to today and she is putting the many years of her ‘pilgrimage into Self’  to good use by supporting people around the world in finding their own strength and truth. Her most recent offering is a powerful video called The Feminine Rise, which has already garnered 500k+ views on facebook and youtube.

TRIGGER WARNING: we touch on many challenging topics, including sexual assault, abortions, losing a child and suicide. This is all with a purpose, but just be aware of that before you listen. Onwards…

Just a few of the topics Layla El Khadri and I chat about

  • How depression, anxiety and burnout at 21 kickstarted Layla’s journey into personal development
  • We talk about this quote from Layla’s website: “Growing up, those who guided my path always told me, ‘Layla you have immense potential,’ while I was feeling lost and experiencing the angst of having to choose one thing to ‘be’ in life.”
  • How the day she was hit with the magnitude of her ‘failure’ was the instant that her life changed
  • How Layla created an inspiring video which has reached over 500,000 people
  • And a whole lot more…


Watch The Feminine Rise on facebook:

A few fav quotes from the episode

“We became victims of our own potential. They made us believe that we must do something to earn the space and the place that we have in the universe…and that’s bullshit” - Layla El Khadri Click To Tweet A happy soul is a happy body - Layla El Khadri Click To Tweet When I understand self-love, I experience self-love - Layla El Khadri Click To Tweet The purpose of the human search is to find out that it’s ok for me to be here…I am part of something - Layla El Khadri Click To Tweet

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