Kina Grannis shares her story with humility, humour and gentle wisdom in this episode of the Getting Naked With Nate podcast…which also happens to be the 50th episode! Yay us!

In case you don’t know, Kina Grannis is one of the original Youtube musicians. She has over 1.5 million subscribers on youtube and a super supportive bunch of over 1700 humans at her KG Records patreon page!

One of the things Kina and I share is a mutual feeling that probably no one will ever love the things we create (in spite of so much proof to the contrary). One of the moments I remember from this chat was before I hit record, Kina commented on something about my podcast and I realised that -SHOCK HORROR- she actually listened to it! Some part of me couldn’t believe that Kina would enjoy my random little offerings. You’ll hear that same kind of reaction when I tell Kina that my friend Jessica Allossery (listen to her podcast episode here) was kinda inspired to start playing music by watching Kina videos back in the day.

This is what the world needs: people holding up mirrors so clear that it’s impossible to pretend we aren’t beautiful and worthy of love.

My dream is that this episode, this podcast and anything else I ever share with you can do this for you.

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts in the comments or by leaving a voice note/message on the ‘hello page‘!

Some of the delightful things Kina Grannis said ?

In the scope of the universe I am very new here… - @kinagrannis Click To Tweet

I need to be alone and crying in the dark to write my songs - @kinagrannis Click To Tweet

Seeing yourself for the human you are and then being gentle with that - @kinagrannis Click To Tweet

'Because I don't know that I can move through this pain’…and then as I said that I heard myself wishing away my actual life that was actually beautiful…and it was this huge wake-up moment - @kinagrannis Click To Tweet


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Thank you for listening, and may your every step be blessed

With love

PS: thank you Kina Grannis, you are a light in the world. Also, that last little moment at the end, where we thank each other, is possibly the loveliest thing ever, such sincere gratitude from us both ??

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For all the awkward pauses and extra bits, here is an exclusive video version of the episode, as a thank you to all who support these creations ?

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