If you’re out there and you feel alone, this one’s for you! It came out of such a deep and unexpected place and I am so much in love with the song this episode is based on!

This was the first in my 100-day songwriting challenge, where I’m writing 14 songs on ukulele in 14 weeks, OMG! I’m now on song 5, and it’s going great (what’s funny is you’ll hear in this episode that there was doubt about whether I could write another song as good, like I started the challenge too high… but since then I’ve written several more of my fav ever songs…just goes to show, you never know until you try)!

I’ll say no more, just give it a listen, check out the video below and leave your comments in the place where comments go!

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Here’s the song in the video:


A few fav comments from the livestream



All my tears have left me dry
Standing at the border of an ever-rising tide
All my fears have closed my eyes
Now I am afraid I might be permanently blind, oh

I’m just letting you know
If you’re out there and you feel alone

I’m right here and I’m searching too
You cannot be alone cos I’m just like you
I’ve been fighting for my life
I’ve been dancing on the edge of this sharp fucking knife, oh

I’m just letting you know
If you’re out there and you feel alone

Welcome to the party, at least that’s what they tell me
No-one knows the host though some claim that they do, daily
Give me his number, I’ll be sure to call her up
Say I don’t know if you noticed but this world is kinda fucked, so

I’m just letting you know
If you’re out there and you feel alone


Oh my heart it is waking
Feels like it might be breaking
There’s beauty in brokenness, repair with golden threads
I am a hot mess so warm your heart on this

Explosions of humanness
We’re all a part of this
I do not mind if we fuck it all up
We’re more than our vessels
More than our borders
More than our differences
We are magnificent

I’m just letting you know
If you’re out there and you feel alone

I love you

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That’s all from me for today, thanks to you and Jessica for Getting Naked with Nate! See you next week

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