I hope you’re ready for some deep explorations in this one! I sure did not expect to get into trauma when I started this episode…but that’s the direction it went and it took me right with it!

If you have been impacted by this world’s hurts, may this episode of Getting Naked with Nate bring you some peace; some sense of companionship and hope, knowing that 1. you are NOT alone (I, at least, am right there with you) and 2. there ARE solutions (which is a great relief for me to hear too, yay)!

Golden Shadows is a song with many layers: It explores friendship, the soul’s journey and the human experience (among other things).

I’m excited to share the topics this song inspired and can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below (or on Twitter, Instagram, via email or anywhere else)! Maybe you get very different feelings, images and meanings from this song!? Let me know, I’m all ?.

Enjoy this week’s links and bonus photo below! Onwards!

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Links and Things


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Always love
Your troubadour

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Featured photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

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