Free-spirited indie songstress Jessica Allossery is Getting Naked With Nate!

This is a very special #podcast episode recording, my friend Jessica Allossery is joining us live from her 5-month house concert tour of the USA!

In this episode:
– We’ll listen to some of Jessica’s most lovely songs (which have had massive radio play on Sirius XM)
– how the Gift of Song has changed her life
– Why we both hated the 10-day Vipassana silent meditation course
– What it’s like to be a solo musician touring in a caravan/trailer
– Her experience with mental health, anxiety and medication
– The stories behind some of her songs
– PLUS: a live Q&A so you can ask Jessica whatever questions you might have!

So, click ‘get reminder’ now to be sure you don’t miss this very special live recording of the Getting Naked with Nate podcast!

Check out Jessica’s website in the meantime:

And here’s her bio: Award-winning singer-songwriter Jessica Allossery is taking the acoustic music scene by storm with her beautiful vocals and genuinely honest music. She’s known as a free-spirited indie songstress and DIY musician. Touching hearts every day, her songs are reaching millions of people. From house concert tours to youtube videos to custom songs, she’s an artist who brings healing into this world through hard work and gratitude, and it all comes straight from the heart… one song at a time.

See you there!

Photo by Josh Williams:

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