Words can be used as weapons and empowered communication can positively impact relationships. In this episode I share some of the tools I’ve found useful in communication in my life and relationships, and also some beautiful music to smooth the journey.

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Clearing and Communication Exercise:

Can be used in romantic relationships, friendships or with family (anyone you are in relationship with)

  • Preparation
    • Diarise date and time and commit to it
    • Can book more than one session if you feel you’ll need it
    • An hour is a good amount of time to set
  • Before Clearing
    • Create a safe, quiet, sacred space where you won’t be disturbed
    • Can exchange small gifts if you desire
    • Timer (can use phone, but make sure it is on AIRPLANE mode)
  • Method
    • Sit comfortably and maintain eye contact
    • Thank one another for being there, connect with the love which is the base of your relationship
    • Whoever asked for session goes first
    • Set timer to 5 minutes and share equal time (this is important)
    • Keep communication in the form of ‘I’, eg: I feel…
    • Absolutely NO interruptions, listener listens and speaker speaks
    • If nothing to say, sit in silence until timer goes off and then swop
    • Keep swapping until you feel you have reached a resolution or time limit
    • Agree to meet again in necessary
  • Conclusion
    • Thank one another, you’ve done so well!!!

Thanks to my aunt for this exercise, and whoever came up with it in the first place!!!

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Wishing you empowered and inspiring communication, dear friends


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all credit for main image goes to: Joan M Mas

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