All I need is a patch of sunlight, from which to watch the world run by. You tell me life is a rat race…well, I’m no rat so I’ve got time.

Some of the things you I dive deep into in this episode are, among other things: is our education hurting or helping us? Are we all traumatised, and how do we deal with it? Where are we headed and why? How do people change the world? And a lot more ?.

Also, as an added bonus, you’ll hear what it sounds like when I rub my chest hair ?!

So excited to use a new microphone ? this week, let me know if you think it sounds nice…or if you think it just don’t matter.

Onwards, fair adventurer! See you in the comments, yo!

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[ppp_patron_only]Smoky arrived on our doorstep when she was a kitten. She stayed until she died almost 20 years later. I loved her for her wild independence, her fierce and unwavering love. She would often bring me her night’s catch. I’d wake up to her meowing, her prey dead between her feet. I’d get out of bed, go congratulate her with a suitably impressed sound and pat her on her head. Then I’d go back to sleep and she’d eat her midnight snack. I’d often awake to the grisly remains, sometimes just a foot left and, once, even just a nose! I miss you, Smoky, thank you for showing me how loving and worthy wildness is.[/ppp_patron_only]


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Always love
Your troubadour

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Featured Photo by Simone Dalmeri on Unsplash

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