There’s nothing quite like falling in love…Which is great, until you face the dark side: the infinitely painful Broken Heart ?. Today’s episode is special because it is about the relationship in which I found the courage to love again and also why I was suspended for a week from high school (they are related, though not in the way you might think).

In this week’s episode of Getting Naked With Nate:

  • How my suspension from high school has to do with shoes…and revolution.
  • Does having a best friend as a lover always lead to a codependent relationship?
  • What I love doing when I’m not happy
  • …And a whole lot more

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Links and Things

I said yes 100% even though I knew that by doing so I was opening myself up for the risk of pain Click To Tweet
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  • A quick definition of codependency, in case you were wondering: ‘excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner…’

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Finding courage to love again - Barefoot Romance Podcast Lyrics

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