Join Nate Maingard, singer-songwriter, truth-speaker and modern troubadour, as he shares uplifting, vulnerable and enlightening conversations, music and journals, exploring this one human life with infectious lightness, depth, humour and curiosity. If you seek authenticity, don’t fit the mould, want to experience more joy or are someone who loves depth, then this is for you!

  • Keeping it real
    by Kheyrneki from South Africa

    Nathan has a beautiful ability to take guests on an enquiring journey filled with humour, that brings true gifts to the audience.

  • One of a kind!
    by RndRdd from United States

    Love this intensely personal and insightful podcast. Nate goes where few other dare to go! Keep on keepin' on!

  • good vibes and heartfelt conversations
    by Elena Isabella from Switzerland

    I just started listening to Nate's wonderful podcast a few days ago and I LOVE it. It's so real, vulnerable and easy to identify and connect with. Also the people who are being interviewed are just as lovely as Nate himself and it has been making a truly difficult phase of my life a little brighter and given me hope and strength to continue going my own healing journey. Thank you, Nate! For the good vibes and meaningful and heartfelt conversations. I can't wait to listen to all the episodes I haven't heard arleady. Lots of love from Elena

  • Finally catching up & well worth it
    by CBlueMusic from United States

    Heard about the podcast a while back and so glad I finally pulled it up, subscribed, and caught up on some great talks. Resonant and worthy work. Well done Nate please keep it up.

  • Beautiful episode about moving through hard times
    by KatieCurtin from Canada

    What a delightful interview with Nate and Alex! This refreshingly, vulnerable conversation delved into the topic of navigating "the dark night of the soul.” This was coupled with Alex's simple, fun tips of how to integrate self-care and mindfulness practices into everyday life. I especially appreciated the stories about sacred times of experiencing creative flow, the sheer exuberance, and gratitude they felt when singing or listening to the songs of others when unencumbered by concerns of the ego. I loved the discussion about the importance of letting go of false personas, such as being the ideal yoga instructor or performing artist. Both Alex and Nate talked with depth, compassion, and humor about their journeys, of getting out of the traps of perfectionism and busyness and cracking themselves open to another way of living.

  • Naked With Nate Episode #46 Alex Leikermoser
    by yogagurldotcalm from Canada

    Love your weekly insights, inspirations and great guests! Loving this weeks because I got to be a part of it! Can’t wait to see the next great episodes unfolding organically as life does...

  • Great stories and songs
    by Digger114 from United Kingdom

    Such a joy to listen to someone so authentic being so honest about his life. I find it to be uplifting and such a difference to what we find in the mainstream. It’s easy to connect to him at a deeper level as we’re all human and are looking for connection. The songs are great too. A really good podcast and great storyteller of his own experiences

  • Honest
    by Mountain_lines from South Africa

    Great to hear an honest heart.

  • On Giving up and Falling apart
    by sherocket from United States

    Nate is able to express himself with sincere eloquence. He can voice the way we feel, when our own words fail. If we all turn inward during dark times, we are truly alone. I was feeling like a shiny apple red and perfect outside but bland and dry inside. Thank you Nate for bravely putting yourself out there. Never give up.

  • Génial !
    by Martine 291 from France

    Nate est un artiste hyper talentueux et surtout une personne sincère et honnête. Ces podcasts sont toujours une ‘tranche de vie’ qui nous font réfléchir. Merci et bravo à lui. Nate is a super talented artist and above all a sincere and genuine human being. These podcasts always are a ‘piece of life’ which make us think. Thank you and congrats to him.

    by SarahEverson from United States

    This is the type of realness that each of us needs to listen to and truly hear. Nate is authentic and breaks it down to the nitty-gritty. Love it, and it’s not only for the chronologically young...I’m 70 years old and am still learning how to live better. This podcast makes me think! Thanks, Nate Maingard!!

  • Like an online Brother
    by AnthonyW from United Kingdom

    Like Nate my mind rises and falls like a rollercoaster ride you can’t get off. His honesty, sheer love for life, appreciation of kindnesses, underlying misplaced self deprecation and pure ability to welcome all to his life is wonderful. He’s sharing music, thoughts, experiences and all in such an open, raw way it makes you want to reach through the airwaves and hug him. Nate reminds me that I’m not alone in my thoughts, he’s like the arm around my shoulder from a brother I don’t have on tap at the press of a button. Nate’s is a life that’s valuable in its delightfully insular simplicity. His online social media problems are modern and replicated a million times over - but, he’s a sharer. Sharing not profiting. It’s a fine line and Nate is on the right side.

  • Namaste
    by Lisasima from Canada

    Thanks so much....Namaste

  • A delightfully real, honest and inviting podcast about the experience of being human
    by Carlyesterhuizen from South Africa


  • I love these
    by missymetz from United States

    I love these Podcasts!!! I smile while I’m listening to them. I love really gaining an understanding of what these songs are about and the inspiration behind them. Please keep doing these!!!

  • Binge-worthy!!! Insightful, wise and inspiring words for every day living.
    by J.Joanne from Canada

    Nate’s podcast will pull you into a world of acceptance, honesty and real self discovery from his own perspective; that of a wandering singer-songnwriter. If I had more time, I would binge on every single episode in one day!! I highly recommend listening to his opinions, tales and songs, as well as those of his guests he brings into the podcast. Get ready for good vibes! I can’t wait for more!!

  • Nate is well worth listening to
    by AndyHTH from Norway

    First class singer songwriter and top human being.

  • How to make sense of LIFE?
    by MartinZeman from United Kingdom

    I love listening to Nate, I find that in today's world we don't really think and even less so speak about our authentic human experience. There is a lot of podcasts offering excellent and pragmatic advice to improve our business, our health, our relationships but I feel Nate goes much deeper than that. Hearing Nate reflecting on his live experiences and sharing his thoughts is refreshing and the level of his openness to all the life's experiences (not just the happy ones or the ones he's already figured out) is fascinating and I'm at awe how he can articulate complex thoughts and make me think look at things differently. If you feel like there is more to life or if you feel maybe a bit confused by life, give this podcast a listen, it might give you the spark you've been looking for and it might help you realise you are not alone. Five Stars! Martin

  • Great Podcast
    by Japoneta from Mexico

    Excellent themes that feed our spirituality, thanks to share positivity and good vibes. Nate you are awesome! 😀

  • A Podcast for a Happy Soul
    by Jharrison1982 from United States

    Nate has brought warmth into my life through his music for the past couple of years, and now he has a podcast! From the first episode where he talks about growing up in South Africa, I've been hooked. Treat yourself to this amazing podcast, and soak up the magic that is Nate Maingard 🙂

  • Nomadic Bliss!
    by EBK2018 from United States

    Not even all the way through a first episode and I love it! The conversation is pure, intelligent and thought provoking and the music is beautiful!

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